Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dan's Guide to Understanding Men-Folk

Guys are generally pretty upfront about what they want, but sometimes we say stuff that can be a little confusing. I think women have a hard time interpreting the compliments we give them. So, to help the ladies out, I'm going to give you a list of words, or phrases, that men use, and what those words or phrases really mean.

"You look hot." I want to bang you, but not right now.

"You look so hot." I want to bang you, right now.

"You're looking good." I'd be willing to bang you, if I was drunk and no one knew.

"You're looking pretty good." I may bang you. You'll definitely need to lose some weight, and have some sort of reconstructive surgery on your face, though.

"Damn girl, you look fine." I'd like to bang you, but the moment I see something better I'm gonna be all up in her business.

"Damn girl, lookin' fiiiine." I'm pretending to be black in hopes that I will somehow trick myself into thinking your fat ass is attractive.

"You look gorgeous." I want to bang you, but in a classy sort of way.

"Gorgeous." I'm going to molest you.

"You look super gorgeous." I want to bang you, but have no means to do so, because I can't possibly be classy enough. The adjective, super, in the sentence actually changes the tense of the sentence from serious and focused, to almost casual and humorous.

"You look great." I might bang you, but I'm not in a hurry. You're like bread in the grocery store. Always there, never in short supply, and the least exotic thing I can put in my mouth.

"You look super great" I'd bang you, if I knew for sure you were born female.

"You look amazing." I want to bang you, take you to meet the parents, and I want to admire your teeth for a while.

"You're cute." I want to bang you, then see a movie with you and have malts afterward.

"You're so cute." I want to bang you, but I also want to bang bunnies, teddy bears, and my childhood.

"You're so fucking cute." I want to kill you, you annoy me.

"You're adorable." I want to bang you, rainbows, kitten noses and Alyssa Milano [see "You're so cute"]

"You're delicious/scrumptious." I want to bang you seductively, put you in chocolate, then literally eat you.

"You're looking sexy." You look like a pornstar, and I want to bang you.

"You're sexy." You always look like a pornstar, and I still want to bang you.

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