Thursday, March 5, 2009

You Wanna Know What Grinds My Gears?

Maybe it's a good thing that Spring Break is a little more than a week away. My fellow technical college students are starting to drive me insane with their rude behavior, poor hygiene, and general dumbfuckery. I've been taught to be respectful of people either in authority or people who are speaking. General ways to be respectful are to not talk when others are talking, and to, at the very least, pretend to pay attention. In this note I'd like to go over a few of my pet peeves, as well as focus on some of the perpetrators.

A huge pet peeve of mine is when class has begun and the instructor (mind you at MATC there are no professors) is in the middle of his or her lecture and a tardy student walks in and decides to walk in front of the teacher to get to their seat. What's especially infuriating is when the tardy student decides to do this in a room that has two doors on either side of the room meaning they could have easily entered the room through the other door so they wouldn't pass in front of the speaking instructor, but are too ill mannered to figure it out.

Something along these same lines is when someone in the front row of a room decides to get up and sharpen his pencil during a lecture. This is especially ridiculous when the front row is a mere 3 feet from the instructor, as well as when it happens every lecture for three weeks straight. Have you ever heard of a mechanical pencil, or maybe a pen?

Another thing that pisses me off are cellphones and things that go "boop". I find that texting during class is insulting to the teacher. Look, we're college students, we aren't doctors or police officers, life will go on without us if we don't respond to our text messages for 50 minutes. Put the thing on vibrate and forget about it. I think it's insulting and pretty stupid because we're paying the teacher to go up to the front of the room and teach us this stuff, and all the while we're sitting at our desks ignoring them and furiously texting our friends, significant others, and crack dealers.

This is so rude. The instructor put time and effort into making this lecture, and you're paying for this lecture. Pay attention, or at least be considerate enough to pretend to pay attention. How would you like it if you were giving a presentation that you worked hard on and the audience wasn't paying attention, or was texting? How would you feel if your date was texting during dinner? Oh wait...we all know how that feels. Stop. Bloody. Texting!

The other thing that goes along with electronics is these weird noises. The random beeps and melodies during lecture really grind my gears. How fliptastically hard is it to turn the thing on vibrate or silent before class. It really can't be that hard to implement in your morning routine a little time to turn your phone on vibrate, can it? No, it can't it was a rhetorical question you moron. Oh, that's right, we're going to talk about morons now...

...I'm baffled by how many morons there are going to this technical college. I shouldn't be, I mean it is a technical college. But still, I remember when I first started going a few people knew who the hell Huck Finn was. I cringe anytime an instructor makes some of the students read out loud. Simple words like "cloister", "epitaph" and "knew" baffle these morons. One girl, the same one who didn't recall Huck Finn, didn't understand why this was a run-on: Dogs are good pets I like cats.

These people are takers, they don't want to work for their education either. The teacher will dole out a rather tough assignment, and instead of taking it on and trying to challenge themselves they bitch and moan that it's too hard, or too long. They don't get that they're in college, and life isn't going to give them something for nothing...oh wait, I guess it is nowadays, isn't it?

What's with smelling horrible? I can understand coming to class once in a while a little disheveled. I get that alarm clocks get ignored sometimes, cars break down and all that jive. But it becomes a problem when every time I see a certain person they're disheveled and smell like body odor, or smell like they didn't wipe their ass enough. What's even more perplexing is when they come to an 11 AM class looking like they just got out of bed and sped off to school in a mad rush. Oh, wait a tick, that's because that's exactly what happened.

There's this one kid in my Environmental Science class, whom besides being completely off the wall weird, comes in 20-25 minutes late, disheveled as hell and smelling abhorrent. I few things come to mind. The first is that this person needs to wake up sooner. The second is that why the hell is this person even bothering to show up? It's 20 minutes past the start of class. Dude, just freaking hit the snooze and try again tomorrow. The last thing that comes to mind is, why do you smell still? Throw some deodorant on, take a scented bath after a dump, do something so you don't smell bad. You're the least liked person in our class...which is sad because most of the class is filled with ugly people with similar hygiene problems and a penchant for being annoying.

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