Thursday, April 3, 2014

I haven’t written on this blog in a long while. I realized that the kids today just don’t read long, meandering articles. Kids want things to be fast and easy to consume. Well, you know what? Fuck kids!

Well, okay, DON’T fuck kids. That’s a figure of speech. But screw this whole 140 characters or less crap that I’ve been trying to do. It’s back to long, silly articles about things that interest me:



Getting women on me


Getting women to weight lift

Getting women who weight lift on me

That all said, I’m re-christening this a Brog (Bro-Blog). I’m going to write about the stuff that interests me as well as bro things like:

Lifting Shoes: Can’t I Just Be Pretty?

Free Weights vs. Machines: It’s like comparing sex to getting your foot run over by a moped

Supplements: Why is my pee glowing?

Crocs vs. Sandals: Which one makes a squishy sound more? (Not all are on lifting)

Your Taint: Why you need to keep it fresh

Athletes foot: Your foot is your ankle’s taint

Come join me on this new adventure. Or don’t, you fuck.

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