Monday, July 6, 2009

Dream Malady

I have this dream where I throw this amazing party, and amidst a hushed ambiance I descend a staircase in a flowing formal gown. Serves me right for falling asleep during a "Pride and Prejudice" marathon.
I absolutely hate it when you have a very realistic dream in which you accomplish a lot of stuff. You dream you worked hard on a project or you flirted with this cute girl, and got the nuts to ask her out on a date, and had an amazing date which culminated on a bridge somewhere overlooking the sunrise. Immediately after the dream you want to test out and see if any of the crap that happened in the dream "took" in real life. Sadly you realize that all that work in the dream translates to jack in real life. Or maybe you decide to take some of the things that did happen in the dream and try to make them happen in real life. For instance let's say that in your dream you have this solution to a problem at work and your solution was greeted with enthusiasm and praise in the dream. But when it comes to real life your solution is met with baffled looks and your boss puts her head in her hands and mutters, "you fucking moron" under her breath.
I wish that life had a free dream pass. Like once a year you're allowed to document what you accomplished in your dream and are at least given partial credit. Like if you did have an amazing date with a girl you can tell her without her thinking you're a creep-o. Or you can tell your boss that you worked really hard on this looming project in your dream and that should definitely be considered in your next review.
It's about damn time that we get credit for the thought, since isn't it really the thought that counts? Everyone has these dreams, it's only fair we are allowed the chance not to feel so damn pathetic after having them.

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