Friday, February 27, 2009

Cleavage Season

It's Cleavage Season!
Although it isn't quite Spring yet, for some people it is cleavage season. For most ladies cleavage season begins when the temperature maintains a 50 degree average; yet for larger women cleavage season begins much, much earlier. Usually it begins when the average temperature is only 30 degrees. Although for much larger women the average temperate is lower and it keeps going down as the individual gets jollier and jollier. (Women that have hit menopause are even more confusing)

The reason why this happens is because jolly women who have cushion for pushin' tend to be wonderfully insulated. This means that they can display the "goods" in cooler temperatures, much how polar bears and whales use their blubber to exist in cold climates.

So when you see a sweaty ball of giggling flesh shoved into a tiny lycra tank top, covering only the slightest of the naughtiest of bits, please keep this in mind: don't look at them, because no matter where you look you're looking at their cleavage. Fatties are completely surrounded by titty, thereby making it impossible to look at any innocuous part of their anatomy without getting an eye-full of sagging cleavage.

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